"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you may go." Josuah 1:9

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Intimidating Teacher.

Being here without my family makes me kind of exposed. When I have my parents with me if I am uncomfortable in an intimidating conversation I have them to hide behind. But here I have to stand tall and ride it out. What I am about to tell you Mrs. Tracey said had happened to many team members before and the same result came in the end. I never thought that I would be one of those people but I am. Here at CSI: Haiti there are three other couples that run the compound. The Grahams are out on furl ow so I wont meet them, then there are the Banks who run the Orphanage, and then the Benson's who run the guest house; however Mr. Greg Benson is also the field director and acting go to guy for teams. So Greg Benson, just a big bear of a guy is the only way I can describe him. At first glance intimidation is not the word that comes to mind; but have a conversation with him and intimidation is the only word you muster up. The Herrera's say I handle him well, I don't have that same feeling but they have seen more people work with him so I will take there word for it. During the week the team was here we saw a lot of Greg. One of the days we worked they had to move two refrigerators into Hope 2 and my mom and I helped Greg and our translator Fanfan move them. After they were in the kitchen he then told us to clean them out. So no big I cleaned out one and mom did the other. There are three parts of the fridge that are set in the bottom rack on the door. Mom had hers in that spot and asked if I had mine there and I said "no, some of the stickers have been stripped so it looks like someone has already been in here". SO she walks into the hallway and says that my fridge is missing those pieces Greg comes in and looks at the bottom of my fridge and says; "You looked every where, so I'm not going to find them?" "Yes" I said. So he opens the freezer and there they are. That was not a fun sight to see and I knew exactly what was coming. So as I stand there thinking "no way no way no way I am not one of those people!" Greg begins his speech. I honestly have no idea what I said but I'm sure it was some snotty teenager remark because it made him keep talking, and I must have said something to make mom start chanting "Liars got to hell..." So I am standing there hearing all this going on having no idea what I am saying and I just want to cry because I know I will hear about this later. I walked back to the clinic went into my room and cried, then went through every scenario trying to figure out what I could have said (If I had know what I was saying) and I asked Mrs. Tracey and she said there was nothing for me to say I just shouldn't do it again. So I was finally over it after VBS and guess who is sitting across from me at dinner...and guess who talks about it with the whole dinner table...yup Greg. I don't remember what I said to him during that conversation either so I really have no idea if I was being rude again or not. Every day since then no matter who asks me to do what I do it once then I do it again and if I can't get it I try again. I went into the Pharmacy Depot last night re-check and inventory we had just done and I had to find the number 0209, I looked in the 0200 section and there was no 0209 so I started to leave then thought "Its Haiti 0209 could be any where" so I look through every number in the depot and the pharmacy. Now I didn't find 0209 because it doesn't exists but I did remember that stupid fridge. So the trick is if you cant figure something out find a bunch of other people and then talk to Greg if you still can't find it. :) Even though I had an intimidating teacher and no mom to hid behind I learned a lesson that will help me in anything I do and any job I ever get. So Thank you Greg Benson you changed my life and taught me how to build sturdy shelves. What a lesson learned. In christ, Kenzie

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