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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm Covered in glitter.

If you know me that's not an unusual thing for me to say, I love glitter its like everyday sprinkles. Today I am covered in it for a not so happy reason. There was only one nurse in the clinic today so she asked if I would help her. I did all morning we triage patients, filled out paper work ,ran an IV and towards the end of the morning bandaged a wound. The glitter started in Triage, when I took this 9 year old girls (who was dressed in a hot pink sparkly dress) temperature and weight. Once you right down that stuff the patient is off to the doctor and normally I don't see them again but I guess if they need immediate treatment the come back to the nurses. I was told in mainly hand motions to get some bandages from the depot, when i came back I saw the patient; the 9 year old girl. Her wound looked like burns but in multiple spots, I'm not really sure what they were but they were painful enough that she limped when she walked. The wound had to be cleaned out and unfortunately my job was to enable the nurse to put the girl in so much pain. The had me pour peroxide directly over the wounds, the little girl had to hold her foot still so it wouldn't start shaking. She was tossing around in agony as the nurse rubbed the peroxide into her wounds. Just when she had calmed down as the pain had worn off the nurse asked for more peroxide. I poured more onto the rag and this time the little girl watched as the nurse put the rag over the wounds and then pinched and poke them. The little girl was whimpering and she had tears streaming down her face she kept yelling in creole way! way! way! way! (which means ouch) now I don't know what the nurse said to her but there was little sympathy. I couldn't watch her grasping at the air in pain anymore so I went over there and let her hold onto me. I kept helping the nurse and going back to her. When the nurse was Finally finished I helped the girl put on her pretty white shoes and then helped her up. She said Mesi with a smile and left. The worse part of this story is that her mother was sitting right next to her and did nothing to console her. This morning taught me something. It taught me that I want to be there for all those girls in the pretty dresses. I know I have to cause them some pain but I know it will make them better and if I have empathy for there problem and sympathy for there pain then I feel like it should even out. So what this long rambling story has taught me is yeah I want to be a nurse and yeah I love it!

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