"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you may go." Josuah 1:9

Monday, July 4, 2011

Embarking on a great adventure.

...Al m' kontan jezi renmen mwen, al m' kontan jezi renmen mwen, al m' knotan jezi renmen mwen oh alelouya! Jezi remen mwen...That has been on an endless reel in my head since we started the VBS with the team. I realy can't believe they are gone already. I would take a lot to recap that week but I want to just highlight my favorite parts. 1. I loved wataching them in Haiti, watching them catch the bug and realy fall in love. 2. I ALWAYS LOVE VBS' They let you get in with the kids and teach them something. 3. Christy and I got to do so many hands on things with nursing in the clinc, it was an amazing experience for both of us it taught us a lot and helped us figure somethings out. 4. Oh I never knew how loud my body could yell at me after making it do a little over 22 hours of crazy hard manual labor. I now know I will never go into lawn care, floor clreaner, or carpentry. 5. I was incharge of the mission story at VBS. It was a CEF story about a Haitian girl named Ti-Fam. My reading that story to them helped lead them to christ. On the last day I presented the gospel and went to go pray with the kids and you know some were just not realy doing it they just pulled on my arms and stuff but there was this one boy who kept his hands to himself and kept compleate eye contact and repeated the prayer word for word. I know that my going up there and reading a story everyday - something I do not do. That action is what saved this kids eternal life, and nothing will ever top that feeling. I would guess its a pretty fair bet that we all learned something new this past week and we all pushed passed things we never thought we could break through, but all I know for sure is that God really blessed my team and I this week and we are all better people because of it. Keep that fire guys it doesn't have to burn out. Blessings, Kenzie

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